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How to Publish a Book

Tools and Resources

SPIT (Self-Publishing Intelligence Test)

Take this quiz to determine how much you already know about self-publishing.

Royalty Calculator

Enter basic information about your book, and this tool will calculate your approximate royalty.


APE contains over 350 hyperlinks. If you own the ebook version, all you need to do is click on them. But if you own the printed version, use this page to navigate to the hyperlinks.

Something Extra

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IBPA: Independent Book Publishers Association

The IBPA offers extensive discounts to self-publishers ranging from FedEx shipping to wholesale discounts at Lightning Source. Click the link below to become a member.

Disclaimer: We have no ties to IBPA or any motivations other than making things easier for authors. This is just a suggestion, we get nothing if you sign up (non-affiliate link used).


We’ve made a lot of great downloadable resources available for APE. We only ask that you share this page on your social network before you download them. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it helps people learn about the greatness that is APE!
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The following downloads are available after you share this page on your social network:

    • MCAT (Mandik Copyediting Aptitude Test)

      Use the MCAT to test copyeditors. The copyeditor of APE, Rachelle Mandik, created this test. Send the test document to copyeditors and ask them to “Track changes while editing.” (If the copyeditor doesn’t know how to do this, it’s an automatic fail.) Then compare their copyedits to Rachelle’s answer key.

    • Word template

      Use this Word document to write your non-fiction or fiction books. The document contains the sections and Word styles used to create a book that’s easy to organize and lay out.

    • InDesign template

      Use this InDesign document to lay out your book. It contains the InDesign styles to lay out your book without having to learn InDesign from scratch.

    • Consultant contract

      Use this contract template to hire editors, designers, and other consultants. This document protects you and the consultants that you hire in an equitable manner.