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Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur

How to Publish a Book


Because of the rapid advancements in self-publishing, APE is updated as often as necessary. On the copyright page of every book there is a version number listed (if you don’t see a version number, you have version 1.0.0). Any changes or content updates made to future revisions are listed here.


Version 1.2 (Baldacci)

Version 1.2 is a significant release of APE, named after David Baldacci. This version includes the following major content additions:

  • Added as a source for finding professional freelancers
    (Disclosure: Guy and Shawn advise for
  • Added more advice on avoiding the self-published look
    • – No extra space between sentences
    • – Use 12-point font when exporting from InDesign for Kindle
  • Amazon Whispercast
    Added additional information about using Amazon Whispercast to sell multiple copies of your ebook as a Kindle file to clients and organizations.
  • New Guest Topic by Joel Friedlander
    Offset Printing (Chapter 16)
  • Added New Section: Kindle Daily Deal
    APE won the lottery and was selected for a Kindle Daily Deal, here we outline our experience in that program
  • Added New Section:
    Included a new section discussing what we are calling, “Agile Publishing”
    Additional changes in this version include:

    • Updated version references to 1.2 Baldacci
    • Chapter 4, page 37 (print)
      Optimized B&W image for kindle books graph so chart is more readable

    • Chapter 4, Page 45
      Changed sentence to “And $2.1 billion amounts to double the revenue…”

    • Chapter 4, page 49:
      Fixed Typo, added hyphen to adult-fiction

    • Chapter 6, page 63
      Changed sentence to “First, the Romance Writers of America provides…”

    • Chapter 13, page 174
      Added clarification when converting your ebook. Use 10-point font for print, and 12-point font to export from InDesign to MOBI (Kindle)

    • Chapter 17, page 221
      Change sentence to, “…count as one format and thus only needs one ISBN.”

    • Added Agile publishing to the glossary
    • Added Offset printing to the glossary
    • Reordered some entries in the glossary
    • Added names to Acknowledgements


    Version 1.1 (Austen)

    Version 1.1 is a significant release of APE, named after Jane Austen. This version includes the following major content additions:

    • New Cover!
      We changed the APE Cover on all platforms, please be patient as the changes roll out
    • New Guest Topic by Alan Rinzler
      Development Editing (Chapter 8)
    • New Guest Topic by Peggy Fitzpatrick
      “Pin Your Way To Success” (Chapter 26)
    • Google+ Communities Added
      Included a new discussion of how to use Google+ communities when practicing the E portion of APE (Chapter 24)
    • Significant Updates to “How We APEd This Book” (Chapter 29)
      Now that the book has published, we have added a lot more information in the P and E sections of Chapter 29.
      Additional changes in this version include:

    • Clarification added (Chapter 9, Crappy Interior Design)
      Page numbers should be included in the top .25 inch of your page layout, not located .25 inches from the edge of the page
    • Clarification added (Chapter 14)
      Added PayPal as a payment method for E-Junkie
    • New Service Update (Chapter 14)
      As of December 31st, 2012, Smashwords now accepts EPUB files for upload
    • New Content Added (Chapter 17)
      Added the “Three C’s of optimal book descriptions”
    • Additional Details Added (Chapter 20)
      While discussing revisions, added additional details that cover how we change a print book as well as ebook.
    • Formatting Change (Chapter 22)
      Reformatted “Bojan’s Top 10” to match the new style of guest contributions
    • Added new names to Acknowledgements


    Version 1.0.1

    • Fixed Typo (Chapter 4, Page 45):
      …or $2.1 billion, of the adult-fiction category. $2.1 billion amounts to…

    • Fixed Typo (Chapter 7, Page 69):
      Changed table total cost to $4,200, not $4,300.

    • Fixed Typo (Chapter 19, Page 221):
      Deleted a leading space character (“ ”) on list item #13.


    Version 1.0.0

    • Initial Release of APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur—How to Publish a Book.
    • If your book does not indicate a version number on the copyright page, it is version 1.0.0.